Performances 9 & 10 Ukraine

Performances 9 & 10 Ukraine

It has not been an easy day. But that’s okay. Hard work is rewarding. I built two canvases with help and we had to pack up in preparation to leave tomorrow morning at 5am. This leg of the journey may prove to be the most challenging with the lack of sleep and quality rest.

That being said…I’ve gotten chills and had my hair stand on end more times in the last week than I can ever remember. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit everywhere we go. Michael Gott is an amazing evangelist and if you’ve never heard of him… Do yourself a favor and look him up. The same goes for the Singing Men of Texas. Look them up and support them in prayer at the very least.

“I am a nobody trying to tell everybody about somebody that can change anybody.” – Michael Gott
That’s who I want to be too. I don’t want to be famous. I want to make Jesus famous. God give me a pure heart to do what you’ve called me to do.

We performed in Ivano Frankivsk tonight and on the way one of our 4 buses fell victim to the terrible roads and suffered serious damage to the shocks. They loaded all the singing men onto the remaining 3 buses and wives and supporting members of the group had to wait about an hour for a rescue bus. Sadly they did not make it to the concert. Instead they turned around to go back to Lviv. While waiting for the bus they went into the town they were stranded in and witnessed to the people. So cool to take advantage of that time like that. Everything happens for a reason.

We made it just in time to get set up and off we went with 2 concerts. The crowds were full and seemed to really enjoy the performance. We fed off their energy and excitement. I have to admit…. I’m very inspired by these singing men of Texas. They are so full of life and energy when it’s showtime. You can tell they really love what they do.

Very late night and early morning checking out of the hotel at 5am. About 3 hrs from now.