Ukraine Performance 8 in Lutsk

Church in Ukraine

 Another beautiful day in Ukraine. We attended church this morning in a church that used to be Greek Orthodox before ww2. Post war it sat empty and unused becoming a storage for old engine parts. The baptist church eventually got the opportunity to refurbish it and have now been using it for many years. I actually sat with the choir and was a singing man of Texas!! I did my best with the tenors 🙂 it was fun. I just tried to keep my mouth moving when I didn’t know what to do. They were very kind and said I did good. These guys can sing brothers and sisters. I’m a fan. 

Afterwards it was a mad dash for me to gather supplies and build a canvas. As usual my friends chipped in and we knocked it out before loading on the bus for a 3 hour trip to Lutsk. I saw a lot of the beautiful country side and rolling farmland. This part of Ukraine used to be Poland pre war. The roads we traveled were really rough! 

Traveling Through Ukraine

The venue was a packed house. So full the people filled EVERY SQUARE INCH of the isles standing and out the doorways as well. Packed. There were 750 seats and we had 970 people make open decisions to follow Christ after the concert! Praise God in Ukrainian is (slava Bog)

Slava Bog

I met several students backstage that had actually seen my video on YouTube and knew who I was! Amazing and humbling that God is using me all over the world. They said they want me to come back and paint for their youth conference. 

Meeting Students
Meeting More Ukrainian Students
Meeting Families
More Fans
More Students

The people are so sweet and I get to take photos with them by my painting and talk to them about what they thought. It’s so rewarding to see that they react the same as everyone that sees me perform in America. God is using this art for his kingdom. Feeling  blessed….