Christian Paintings


Jesus Paintings & Christian Art

Available as Christian art prints or Christian canvas art, all of these paintings can be purchased online. Live paintings can also be performed at your next event! 


Forgiven - Painted Live

Living Proof

prayer of christ

Colorful lion

christ lake

Baptism of christ

Colorful creator

Come holy spirit - Painted Live

let the children come to me - painted live

light my path bible painting

Forgive them

It is Finished - Painted Live

Mary and Baby - Painted Live

Shine Christ's Light - Painted Live

Fruit of the spirit - Cross Verse

Humility - Jesus washing feet

prince of peace - painted live

I can do all things - Cross Verse

Lion of Judah

Forgotten Sin - painted live

trust in the lord - cross verse



Crucified - Painted Live

fearless - Jesus’ second coming

faith hope love - cross verse


healing hands of jesus

All for You - Painted Live

follow me -painted live

Plan for your life - Cross Verse

lamb of god - painted live

we will serve the lord - cross verse

Lion speed Painting - Painted Live

mlk martin luther king Jr -painted live

pope john paul II - Painted live

Baby Jesus Christmas Manger - Painted Live

Saint Teresa - painted live

Last Supper

Pope francis - painted live

Military & Police Paintings

Guardian Soldier - Painted Live


Patriotic Salute - Painted Live

Reclaim Cross Iwo Jima

Protector Navy sm.jpg

NAVY Protector of Freedom - painted live

A hero returns - Painted Live

Protector of Freedom - painted live

Dallas Police Officer with Flag

Guardian Police - Painted Live

Victory Flag raising at Iwo Jima - Painted live

Dallas Police Officer End of Watch flag


dak and zeke - painted live

Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan - Painted Live

jason witten dallas cowboys

Jason Witten - painted live

Longhorn Ft Worth

Longhorn Ft Worth - Painted Live


america’s pasttime - painted live

Family Sunset

Family Sunset - painted live


Dirk - Painted Live


Pudge - Painted Live

Jordan Spieth

Jordan Spieth - Painted Live

John Wayne

John Wayne - painted live

Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree - painted live