Ukraine performance 10 in Kiev

Catching the Train

 4:30 came quick this morning and we checked out of our hotel in Lviv to head to the fast train to the capital city of Ukraine… Kiev. I managed to get a bit more rest on the train. 

Thank you Whitney Terrell, my AdvoCare hook up, for the Spark energy and vitamin supplements. They have really saved me on this trip. 

Arrival in Kiev

Arrived in Kiev and built my last two canvases out in the shade in the cool breeze in front of our hotel. People walk by and give me crazy looks. Haha. Afterwards a few friends and I walked around the city with my Ukrainian best friend from this trip, Artem.

City of Kiev
Kiev Performance Hall

Tonight was the largest crowd at the largest venue on this trip. This stage was massive. I don’t recall ever seeing a stage this large. Record numbers of people receiving Christ tonight in Michael Gotts 50 year evangelical experience. 

Painting in Kiev
Kiev Stage