Amazing Bible Timeline

I recently came across a company called “Amazing Bible Timeline” that offers bible timeline posters. I was amazed when I took a closer look. In such a relatively small space (37” x 45”) they were able to fit over 6000 years of biblical and world history. Typical linear timelines can be 10 to 20 feet long in some cases. The unique circular format of the timeline allows for more information to be displayed in a smaller space and it so much more efficient. It’s super easy to read too.


It works like a clock. As you work your way around the timeline clockwise it is divided into pie pieces for each century which makes it easy to jump to a certain time period to find the information you are looking for.

I know several people in my family that would love to have one of these amazing bible timelines and I am sure that you will too. Share this post with everyone you know because right now they are offering a great deal! For $24.95 you get this amazing poster plus 2 free bonuses. So click here and get yours today!

Amazing Bible Timeline Poster:

  • Over 1000 Bible and World History references at your fingertips

  • Biblical events show scripture reference

  • Handy index of timeline entries, bibliography of sources

  • Easy to use with colored legend and pie shape pieces representing a century of history

2 free bonuses:

  • Digital Amazing Bible Timeline (a $20.00 value)

  • Digital Maps of the Holy Land (a $15.00 value)

  • Study and share on your personal electronic devices (e.g., phones, laptops, tablets)

Lance Brown