Broken but not Beaten


Sometimes we are quick to throw in the towel when something seems too hard to accomplish. As a young artist and into my early 20s I stayed away from color and painting because I was afraid I couldn’t do it properly due to my “CVD - color vision deficiency”. I couldn’t see all the colors properly so I just concluded that I wouldn’t be able to control the paint the way I wanted to. I was defeated before I even started. But a day finally came in 2000 where I decided to try painting and pushed my doubts and fears aside. That decision changed my life completely and I found my joy in something I never thought I could do.


One Sunday morning in late 2017, I performed at an event in Desoto, Texas. I shared my struggle with colorblindness saying,

“Even though I have this frustrating disability, God can still use me. I just have to be willing when He calls.”

Afterward, a woman came up to thank me. She was there with her daughter who was an artist but often felt discouraged by her struggle with autism. She often wanted to give up on art, though she showed some real talent. That day, she was encouraged when hearing about my struggle with color blindness, and she made the decision to continue her art. There’s no telling what will happen, but God had a reason for our paths crossing that morning. I believe one day she will inspire others who need encouragement too.


We are all broken in some way, but God can still use us in powerful ways we can’t even imagine. It’s okay to be broken, but you’re never beaten with Christ.


Lance Brown