Ukraine Mission Marathon


 Today was tough to say the least. It’s 2am and we have traveled very far. Waking up this morning in Zhitomir we packed up everything to head to the next city for two performances in Rivne. Before leaving we stopped at the church that has been hosting us for the last few days. They have been so gracious and good to us. I met a great guy who’s name I cannot spell but he told me he is getting married and wanted to surprise his fiancé with one of my paintings. I told him I did not come here to sell art but wanted to give him one. He found some paper and I painted it on some poster board.  This is him. He was so thankful. I wished him the best in his marriage.

making wedding gifts

The next city was a 2 1/2 hour drive. On arrival I had 2 canvases to construct in 1 1/2 hours. They usually take 2 hours each when making them myself. Impossible? Not with this crew.  I had some great help from awesome friends.

Building Canvases
Amazing Team

 We got them done. The shows went really well and the audience was really into the music and the painting. After the second painting performance I experienced something I’ve never heard…. The audience clapped in unison which I’m told is a European act that only happens when they really enjoyed the show!!! It was awesome.

Amazing Performance
After the show
Canvas Signature

Lots of people wanted to take pictures with me and the painting and we gave the paintings to a church and a rehab center.

After the show we had a 3 hour bus ride to Lviv to our next hotel. I managed to get a little sleep which until this trip… I have not been able to sleep anywhere during travel. All checked in to my hotel now and ready for some rest. 2 more canvases to build in the morning for 2 shows tomorrow night.

Thank you for your prayers. I need them. This has been a tough journey but very rewarding. I’m so encouraged and inspired by the friends that I’m traveling with. Amazing