Performance 1 & 2 Ukraine mission trip

What a day this has been! Started off with a wonderful breakfast and then finished preparing my canvases. We then went to our host church who has been providing us with food and a place for practice and rehearsals.


After rehearsal we had a devotional message with our international leader Micha Gott. He is amazing to say the least. We then had lunch and headed back to our hotel for rest and got dressed and ready to go to the theater for tonight’s shows. I took an hour nap and call my kids to tell them good morning

Theater Performance

The theater was three blocks from our hotel. Easy walk unless you’re carrying two giant canvases and a bunch of paint.

Ukraine Performance
Back Stage View

The view from back stage was not too bad. We had a pretty full house at both shows. Around 2000+ for the night. The choir and orchestra were outstanding. I painted towards the end and the reaction from the crowd after my painting was just like I see in the states. I flipped the canvas and there was a gasp followed by a loud applause. That’s one of the things I love about what I do. It breaks the language barrier.


After the show I along with a few others received a bouquet of flowers. Very nice. I also got to stand out in the foyer and speak with a lot of people through a translator. They told me how much they love my painting and how it touched them. One older man said that it made him cry with joy. He said that I presented a real and living God and that the concert showed everyone that he is real and they have hope. Wow. Thank you God for hearing my prayers and thank you for using me in this way.

Aaron Stout