The Good, The Bad & The Ugly… Germany Day 3

this post is for yesterday September 5…

At The Hotel
Practicing Drama Skit

We started the day with breakfast in the hotel as usual and we went outside to practice the drama skit some more and then left for the day to minister at Dom Plotts near the awesome cathedral.
With 5 canvases in hand. I was warned the night before by Jeff, the founder of European Initiative, that today would be a loooong day but I didn’t think much about it. Everyone’s definition of a long day varies based on their experience. Meh… I’ve had long days before….

The weather was perfect. Not too hot and very slight wind.
We had lunch on the steps of the cathedral and then went to our spot on the Square to set up for show 1 of 4.

Preparing for the Show

It went well and then as soon as I was finished painting for show 2
Troy told me to turn around and look at this woman who was weeping uncontrollably. Her name was Nicole from Tennessee and she was here with her husband. We talked for a while about her struggles in life and how God gave her a sign and spoke to her through the painting. I was so blessed by her openness and gave her the painting. She lost it again and was soooo happy. As I was taking the Painting to her Lauren stopped me and said we needed to hold on to the painting a while longer so that others could see it but we still had the first painting for that purpose, and I totally snapped at her and was extremely rude in the way I responded to her and basically told her to mind her own business because I know what I’m doing. Wow I had no idea where that came from and wanted to slap myself for treating her like that. I apologized and we went on about the day. I treated her like this 4 separate times throughout the day. We were both upset by what was unfolding. The last time I did this she was trying to help me with my bags after dinner while walking back to the train. I told her I was fine but she could tell I was tired so she continued to insist and I kept saying no and I finally lost it and yelled at her loudly “NO!!”
And she quietly walked away. I felt immediately sick to my stomach. anyone reading this that knows me personally, knows that this is not me! I never talk like this to anyone… Especially Lauren… I don’t know where these outbursts came from today but I am so upset that it happened.

Streets of Germany

My friend Danny witnessed this happening throughout the day and I knew he did because I could see that he was close by a few times. As Lauren and I walked towards the train home quietly and no longer together I asked Danny to pray for me and he helped me realize that it was a spiritual attack that took place. I had over extended myself all day and my mind body and spirit were weak and vulnerable and the enemy took advantage of that. He reminded me how special Lauren was and what an amazing helper she is for me and I began to tear up. Danny prayed over me and a bit later I talked to Lauren about everything and we were able to put it behind us. Amen.

Spiritual warfare is serious business and we should all be ready for it and try to recognize it quickly to rebuke it in Jesus name. I’m so fortunate to have a wife that is gracious, understanding and forgiving. Fortunately she recognizes that this was not my character either. I am truly blessed.

Some other wonderful things that happened throughout the day

We were joined in worship by refugees and friends of the ministry from Sri Lanka, Syria and Cameroon.
Gave away 2 paintings to these two Iraqi refugees from the middle east  that were saved on the spot

Posing with Refugees

I did some extra paintings for our German friends that were helping us so so much to thank them and bless them
Toured the cathedral

German Cathedral

Ate lots of pizza for dinner 🍕

Aaron Stout