This post is actually describing September 6. I’m posting this a day late.


Audrey is one of the leading roles in our drama

Romans 10:15
How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news.

Painted Feet

Best birthday ever in Berlin – Sept 6 Tuesday
Had Breakfast with Jeff & Emma from EI (European Initiative) Packed our bags & left our hotel in Cologne & headed to the Cologne train station(Hauptbahnhof). From there we took the ICE (Inter-city Express) train for 5 HR trip into Berlin. I got a bit of motion sickness. Others played cards and slept etc

Traveling on the Train
On the Train

Please pray for that to go away. We made it to Berlin at 1 in the afternoon where we had lunch. Then took a few S trains to get to our new hotel in downtown -holiday inn.
We went straight to work in Alexanderplatz.

We would start our group worship, Lauren started the Cupid shuffle 🤗(she is awesome) then right into my painting performance. The first one of the day my energy was so up & I painted so fast. Did it in 4-5 minutes when I had previously been taking about 6-7. Adrenaline mixed with Holy Spirit.

Cupid Shuffle
Lauren Dancing

The second performance for the entire group was spot on. I was able to bless a family from Croatia with that painting.
We did so well in the 2nd performance & had more time, the group leader wanted to do another round of performance, bad thing was they only brought me 2 canvases! I said I would paint on anything, posters, foam board, cardboard sign anything to get the job done. Andy from EI (European Initiative) came back with a cut up cardboard box! Lauren & I quickly were able to fashion it to one of the other canvases & I was able to paint. It was raw, real & completely street ministry.

Love of Christ

“LIEBE” is the word LOVE in German


Multiple people were so impacted by this simple act that that they were moved to tears. After the drama skit I was asked to talk with 2 ladies & gift them with the last canvas. Annette Is the brunette and she is already a Christian and Bridgett the blonde (very close to accepting Christ but harbors a grudge towards God for her parents early death)

After the Show
Gave the Final Canvas to Them

the reason they stopped was to watch the painting. Bridgette was weeping when I met her. I walked over to her, with my painting in hand, where two girls from our team had already been talking to her for several minutes. Anette had a similar story with her career and being unfulfilled with her corporate job and felt like God was leading her to Help handicap people for a living. Please pray for God to show her a way.

For Daniel
Birthday Surprise

I gave the cardboard painting to a new friend that God sent to us named Daniel. He said that while he was praying this morning God told him that he had a surprise for him. As he was walking through Berlin he saw us performing and instantly knew that we were the surprise!! He told us that his kids led him to Christ months ago. His wife is not there yet so pray for her.

We then went to dinner & the group surprised me with 3 birthday cakes & authentic Berlin made journal and a wonderful card signed by everyone.