Gott ist Liebe – Germany day 7

Day 7

Breakfast. Devotional. Bus ride to teen challenge to worship.
We met David Sanders who is the pastor of Teen Challenge Berlin and has been ministering in Berlin for 40 years. Amazingly humble serval with a huge heart.

There were two different groups that went out into the city of Kruezburg. One that went on a prayer walk & the other painted/worshiped on a street corner. Not just any street corner, the most popular corner to drink, trade & buy drugs. We set up the painting supplies & Danny told me I had 30 min to do whatever painting I felt led to do. Patrick our worship guitarist wasn’t able to use his sound system so he sat on the ground next to my canvas & just began to play and sing. Joseph joined in with his guitar later.

Once I set up and was ready I knelt down in front of the canvas and asked God “what do you want me to paint? What do these people need to see?” This was the first time in my life I’ve ever done this. I usually plan what I do far in advance. It was a deep experience for me.

All around us there were the homeless & lost… seeking drugs and alcohol right behind my canvas. Some would come and watch the painting & others just stayed in their comfort zone. Conversations with those around us were had by our team during my painting. The Salvation Army pulled up next to the corner & began serving hot soup/coffee.

I started by painting a more detailed image of Jesus on the cross with the blood. And then asked our German friend michah to come write a sentence in German for me right above the cross. “Jesus loves you this much”.

I then began to fill in the other side with my normal upside down face of Christ. The whole process took 15 – 20 minutes. It was an emotional morning looking around at these lost people who have no hope of a better life, this is as good as it gets. They are just looking to get their next fix, if only they new they could find that in Jesus. The few we tried to connect with there was the language barrier (we only had one translator) and we were able to pray for them & tell the God has a plan for you & loves you.

Our next stop was Brandenburg Gate to perform our set. The whole afternoon felt fluid and our group really hit their stride. It was a wonderful experience to be there in such a historical spot performing. The majority of the people we spoke to were tourists all over the country. I was able to give 2 paintings away, one to a new Christian & another to a family.

I’m feeling run down and my throat hurts. Please pray for strength to finish strong.