Art is war -Germany day 6

Art is War

Woke up. Breakfast with the team then a morning devotional together. Took a train to a very lost part of town and began a prayer walk from 10:00a – 12:30p.

Germany Photo
Prayer Walk

The prayer walk was in a town called Friedrichshain. It has what they call Squat houses which are Rent free houses for easterners to all temporarily live in community while they waited for the perfect opportunity to escape to the west. It is a very unusual scene and I saw people completely covered in tattoos face included. It accepts all Alternative lifestyles. Some descriptions of the area: creative artistic tolerant punk Graffiti Lawless anarchy antichrist atheist.

On One side of this open green space park you might see a family with kids playing and on the other side drug deals are happening in the wide open plain view.

We all took time and went up and down the street Praying walking and talong photos. I was really excited to see all of the artwork on the buildings and it was inspirational to me.

Germany Day 6

We stopped in an area and circled up to worship with music and pray for the area. Very powerful and moving.

Prayer Walking

Stopped for lunch at a world famous burger joint called BURGERMEISTER that used to be a public restroom “water closet ” – it was a good burger.

Car Graffiti
Graffiti Wall Art
More Graffiti

Afterwards we went to see one of the largest preserved sections of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. Our group t-shirts were each designed to look like some of the most famous pieces of art on the walls.

We all searched out ours and we each stood & took individual pics of our shirt design. There were some sections of the wall that were fenced off for certain artists to graffiti on. The most famous paintings painted on the 20th anniversary in 2009 & are being asked to recreate those again today because they have been covered by other graffiti since then. the fences in front of the wall kept people from messing with the art in progress.

This section of the wall was MUCH LONGER than I expected. Amazing.

photo shoot
art posing
holding up painting

We then headed to Alexander platz again for 4 performances. Each one was awesome and special in its own way. On the third one we switched things up. We did the Cupid shuffle once and then I painted. Matt L. shared his POWERFUL testimony and the gospel and we all went out into the crowd to have conversations. Many seeds were sown and several people were saved on the spot!! One lady in particular started out very angry and yelling at us and within 15 minutes she was completely different and asked “how can I have this Jesus in my life?” Hallelujah praise God…. Our team led her to Christ right there and it was beautiful.

Texas in Berlin

We went to dinner and had our daily recap meeting at the hotel. Long day but really rewarding hard work for the Lord.