Live Event Painting vs Jesus painting videos


There are countless ways to experience worship. I understand that everyone has their own opinions and preferences but I want to help you see the difference between watching me speed paint live on stage at an event vs watching a video online. There is a huge difference in my mind and if you haven’t seen my live painting performance you’re missing out on a very extraordinary worship experience. I say all this with the utmost humility and give all the glory to God.


The value of the recorded video goes without saying and God uses them to reach people all over the world with His gospel. You may experience a lot of the same emotions by watching the videos and God’s power flows through them undoubtedly. They inspire, encourage and can create goosebumps at any given moment. Live art is so very special because it’s not as easily accessible as a video on the internet. Your chance to see a live painting at an event doesn’t happen very often so when the opportunity presents itself… it’s special. In my experience, the potential for deep Spiritual connection during the live art is much stronger than it could ever be from the video recordings. There’s really no comparison in my mind because you get to actively participate when seeing me paint live.


Matthew 18:20 promises “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” The atmosphere of live worship heightens your senses. The entire church body joins together and becomes one in the same, placing all of their attention on the music, canvas and what I am creating. My intention is to make you focus on God and not me. I not only want you to see the Lord in my painting, I want you to encounter the Lord through the art at the same time. I want to  connect with you as well because this is also a worship experience for me. As I impact your emotions, I feed off of what I feel from the audience. My movements and brush strokes also add to the experience. At the live event you are incorporating more senses as you feel the vibrations of sound as the music plays. You can feel the worship flowing from those around you in the crowd. Sharing the live painting experience with other believers is unique and cannot be duplicated with a video. The peak of the performance is when I finish the art. At once, all of the air leaves the room and you can hear the collective gasps when the final painting is flipped and revealed. I praise the Lord for giving me this gift and allowing me to share it with thousands of people over the years. When I took a leap of faith and started this ministry I prayed “Use me Lord. I am yours and I am ready to go where ever you call.”


I’ve been asked on several occasions, “Do you ever get tired of painting the same picture over and over?” My answer is always the same… I never grow tired of painting my pictures of Christ. Each time I paint at a live event, it becomes a unique and individual worship experience for me and it always feels new. It’s hard to explain, but it is a gift from God that I am forever grateful for.


If you’ve never seen me paint live at an event, I highly and humbly recommend the experience. Or go see another artist paint live... it doesn't have to be me! I’m sure that you’ll be blessed by it. Check out my schedule and make plans to come to a live event and experience the art for yourself.

Lance Brown