Painting Christ's Eyes

Christ's Eyes Painting

Do you ever wonder what it will be like to look into the eyes of our savior? What a powerful moment that will be. I have a feeling that I won’t be able to take it all in. Overwhelmed, I’m sure my legs will give out and I’ll fall to my knees. Christ’s eyes will be the most beautiful thing that we will ever see.


I’ve painted his face in various ways and played with different eye colors and I’ve come to the conclusion that his eyes will most likely be a color that we have never seen before. I think they will be some sort of combination of every color imaginable and more that we can’t imagine. In my most recent painting, I’ve created Christ’s eyes with a little bit of every color and I like the result. I think it’s a beautiful representation of something that we can only imagine until that glorious day when He calls us home. Then Christ will unveil our eyes to true beauty and everything that is pure. In His eyes we will see the love, grace, compassion, excitement and joy of our savior. Colors beyond the rainbow will be revealed and the glorious light, that is Christ, will fill our eyes for eternity.

Lance Brown