Mission trip to the Ukraine

Mission Trip to Ukraine

The time has come. I’ve been invited to accompany the Singing Men of Texas (SMOT) on a mission trip to Ukraine April 20 through May 1, 2015. I leave tomorrow morning at 5:30am.

This all happened in the last 10 days! I had the wonderful opportunity to perform with the Singing Men of Texas on April 9th at Dallas Baptist University (DBU) in the Pilgrim’s Chapel. The concert was absolutely amazing. I was deeply moved by the SMOT and their performance. I painted “Forgiven” towards the end of the concert during two songs. The response from the crowd was awesome. Before I went on stage to paint I prayed “God, please take what I do tonight and multiply it.”

After the concert ended at 9pm, I headed home and received a call from Don Blackley (Director SMOT) at about 10:30pm. He told me that he got a word from God that I should go on this mission trip to Ukraine. He also said that a few other guys in the group received the same word from God! Without hesitation I said YES. We both agreed to pray overnight and talk again the next day. God orchestrated all of this and within a few days I had my plane tickets and bags were being packed.

You see, I’ve had a prayer on my heart for the last several months.

God, whenever and where ever you call me to go, I want to be ready and willing.

That can be a scary prayer honestly. I’m not sure where else God will call me but I just have to be willing to say “YES.’