Idea for Your Fundraising Event, Auction or Gala

When it comes to “live auction ideas” you’re probably tired of the same old same old… Trips, sports memorabilia, concert tickets…

Live Auction Idea

Do something different at your next fundraising event! This is the only live auction idea you’ll need to set yourself apart and kick it up a notch. Add some live entertainment to your live auction, fundraising event or gala with the potential to bring in a ton of money! Speed Painter Lance Brown creates beautiful portraits in just minutes and then the artwork is sold multiple times to bring in the financial support you are looking for.

By performing live and then auctioning my artwork at the event, I have raised close to $100,000 in 2015 for many great causes including the 2014 Catholic Charities of Dallas Gala where I did a 6 minute live painting of Christ to music that auctioned live for $8,000 (We split that item 4 times because I had 3 more of the same painting in the back that also sold live for a grand total of $32,000!!) I was able to duplicate that on January 23, 2016 after I painted a picture of the pope. It also auctioned 4 times at $8000 each totaling $32,000. In just 2 years we brought in a grand total of $64,000 minus my reasonable fees.

You’ll also want to consider my auctioneer friend who is one of the best in the business Dean McCurry ( These numbers and amounts raised would not have been possible without his experience, knowledge and serious skill.

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