Germany Mission Trip Day 1

It’s been a long day of travel. The day started out just fine. Then while we were still in Dallas on our way to Chicago for a layover I decided to check my carry on because the flight was so full. The AA lady didn’t mark my bag for the final destination to Germany. Big mistake… When we arrived in Chicago I had to leave the gated area to baggage claim and find my bag. That meant that I had to go back through security and our flight was already boarding!! Some nice people let me cut the line and as soon as I passed TSA I started SPRINTING. I looked like someone our of a movie… Dodging people running in and out of the crowd. I sprinted about a half mile… I was huffing, but I made to to the gate to board the plane just at the last minute. What a nightmare that was. I am notorious for having bad luck when traveling. One trip I left my entire wallet at the checkpoint and left my phone at the bag check on another trip. I left my luggage in London when traveling back home from Ukraine and didn’t get it back for two months. I’m a mess… Ha

German Mission Trip Day 1

When we arrived in Germany we all got our luggage and road the tram railway down to the city center of Cologne. We settled into our hotel and immediately headed out to practice and then set up for our first two performances.

We started by doing a flash mob Cupid Shuffle. Then they announced me and I began my painting. It took about 3 1/2 minutes to complete but something was wrong. The canvases had some kind of clear finish on them and the paint was not adhering to the canvas. I had to move quickly and do multiple coats on each area and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. But it’s not about what I want…. God still used me and several people accepted Christ today after watching us paint and dance. Amen

We gave the two paintings away afterwards. I got to pick who they went to and it was so awesome to bless these people and give these paintings away with JOY. It really blessed me in the process. One lady I gave one to started crying and hugged me. I prayed with her and told her that the painting will bring her hope inspiration peace comfort faith and strength as she look at it every day.

I gave the other to Marc who is one of our translators:

For Marc