Bye bye Ukraine – I’m going home


Today was my final day in Ukraine and I had the pleasure of touring the capital city of Kiev with my buddy Artem and Antonia who gave me an awesome history lesson while walking and sight seeing. We hike up to various lookout points and the highlight for me was Maidan Square in the city’s center where there was a revolution recently. There are still memorials lining the streets where people were gunned down by snipers and I saw bullet holes in buildings, trees and street signs. Smoke stains are still visible where the entire area was set on fire. Crazy to imagine the scene as I was stands there.  

More Ukraine
Ukraine Plaza
Posing in Ukraine

It’s been a long day… I just had a 3 1/2 hour plane ride to London and then a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to my hotel. Now as I anticipate getting home to my family tomorrow I reflect on the last 12 days….


I wish I could share with you what I experienced on this trip in a way that you could actually feel what I got to feel… See what I got to see… hear what I got to hear… Meet who I got to meet and know the wonderful people I got to know…. Words and pictures simply don’t do it justice.

I was a part of a unified team of people with one heart. Selfless acts of service for the kingdom of God. A true harvest. We shared the gospel with people that were hungry to hear hear good news. These people desperately needed some hope and God used us to provide that message in a beautiful way through prayer, smiles, handshakes, hugs, art, music and songs. 

This was hard work. It was not easy and most of it is a blur now. In fact, we traveled so much, so far, and so often that I feel like I missed a day or two somewhere! Haha. I’m extremely grateful that I had the chance to do this. I’m so thankful to Jan and Michael Gott, and the Singing Men of Texas for placing their trust in me to do this job and represent Christ. I hope and pray that My personal ministry lived up to their expectations and I served in a way that honored what they stand for. 

I want to sincerely thank everyone that prayed for me during this time. Your prayers carried me through each day and night and ultimately to the finish line. I really needed these prayers and smiled daily knowing that I was covered by friends and family at all times. Thank you!!