Giving Away Modern Paintings of Jesus

Giving Away Modern Paintings of Jesus

Giving Away Modern Paintings of Jesus

I felt led by God this past December to give away some of my Jesus Paintings as part of the Christmas season. My goal was to bless someone with my art that I didn’t know and would most likely never meet. I decided to pick one of my best online fans who had recently purchased some art prints of my modern painting of Jesus titled “Prayer.” After sending her additional prints of Jesus without charging extra, I contacted her and told her my idea. I asked her to give away some those art prints of Jesus that I had mailed her and bless someone in her life. I wanted to see how my paintings of Christ would impact their lives so I asked her to report back and let me know how they reacted. The following paragraphs detail each gift that was given.


When she received the prints she said,

“I received my prints today!! SO excited to bless others with them this CHRISTmas season. My mom is getting the big one and 3 friends are getting the smaller ones. I cant wait to see their reaction.


Gift #1

My friend reported back after giving away the first gift. She writes, “My friend Peg received the print today. Here is here reaction. "I got your card today along with the print of Jesus. That has to be the most beautiful gift ever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am going to put it in a frame for my desk. God bless you!"


Gift #2

She continued telling me the story of the second gift to another friend. She writes, “My other friend Tee who suffers many health conditions and is deaf also received hers. Here is her response: "OH MY SWEET FRIEND I GOT THE PRINTS OF JESUS YESTERDAY; I LOVED THE CARD AND EVEN MORE I CHERISH THAT PRECIOUS PICTURE OF CHRIST THAT’S ALSO SIGNED BY THE ARTIST! I’M GOING TO BUY A FRAME FOR THIS... YOU MADE ME SO HAPPY… BLESS YOU.”


Gift #3

The 3rd friend said this after receiving a modern print of Jesus. "Just got home and got the gift you sent today. That picture is amazing I absolutely love it. Thank you."


Gift #4

This is what happened after she gave the fourth gift. “On Christmas Eve we opened up gifts and my mom received the 8x10 painting print of Jesus. I purchased a mat for it and then framed it. Her face lit up and she was so happy to see it. She hugged it close to her heart and had a huge smile on her face. She was so thrilled with it and she loves it so much!!!”


Mission accomplished. This blessed me so much to hear. Amen! So awesome to give and bring joy. I’m so thankful that my paintings can bring joy to so many and I pray that after reading this, you will consider ordering some paintings prints of Jesus from my website and give them away as gifts for no reason. I can promise you that the blessing you receive from blessing someone else is personally greater than you could ever image.


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