Spirit-Filled Art

Speed Painting with hands

I painted at an auction for First Life Charities benefitting those with special needs and the mentally handicapped. I created a picture of Dak and Zeke for the 3rd time live and it brought in $2,000. Praise God.

While at this event, I met one of the most wonderful ladies Mrs. Lowery from Valley Creek Church in Flowermound. I really enjoyed speaking about our faith with her and she told me that she was a huge fan of my work. We realized that I will be painting at her church in the coming month for a student event March 3rd. While talking to her she helped me to realize something when I told her that I was “doing a secular painting, nothing religious tonight.” She replied and said “None of what you do is religious, it Is ALL spiritual.” Wow, this just rocked my world.

You see, even in the secular paintings, everything I do is spiritual because the spirit moves through me and guides the ability He’s given me. He guides my hands, my breath and every decision I make while painting. So even though the subject matter may be sports related, or some other theme, I pray for the spirit to guide me through the creation so that whatever charity or ministry that is benefitting from the sale of this artwork will be blessed through what I offer and do. I want the product to be high quality and my heart is in everything that I do. I leave part of myself on the canvas every time I create a painting, whether that be live at an event, or commissioned work from my studio.

I happy to mention that Mrs. Lowery was one of the winning bidders and she took home my painting. She insisted that I sign and present the canvas that I just did over to her and that she would cherish it for years to come. Thank you Mrs. Lowery for being a vessel to deliver that message from God. I’m sure that we will meet again on March 3rd. Until then, God bless and keep you.

Lance Brown