The Power of Christian Art

Christian Art

It was a Friday night and there was a palpable energy in the room. When the worship started everyone was in it. The fog machine created a haze in the worship center that accentuated the colorful dramatic lighting and created a visual masterpiece. The joy and excitement was contagious and you couldn’t help but smile and praise God during that moment. Looking around I could see almost the entire room with their arms raised in reckless abandon, crying out to God along with the music. It was beautiful.

The anticipation of going on stage had my stomach in knots. I’ve done this painting hundreds of times, but this night was big and God was moving. The Holy Spirit filed the worship center and there was no doubt about that. I always pray that God will work out the timing of the live music with the painting for maximum impact to create a moment like non other and He did not disappoint. I flipped the painting just as the band hit the crescendo and the 1,000 students erupted with a thunderous applause.

After the service I had a merch table out in the common area where I was selling artwork to supplement my ministry. Many of the youth told me how great the painting was, praise God, and how they were moved to tears during the worship. I love hearing these stories because it confirms that God is using me to touch their hearts in ways that are not otherwise possible. I am so grateful that God has allowed me to do something that has purpose and meaning.

One guy in particular, about 17-20 years old, caught my attention as he complimented my work. He was adamant that I reserve one of my paintings behind the table for him because he had to have it. He said he would come back later to get it after the second service that night. Unfortunately, I had to leave earlier than expected and I packed everything up and left. He left me a message later that night and was very disappointed. We coordinated a time to meet up the following day to get him the painting and he handed me a note. This is what it said.  

“When I saw you painting at Ignite, I realized that the whole meaning of the painting related so much to my life and to my current status. It had a significant pull on me. It showed me that even though I've been hearing that I have been accepted and loved by God for my whole life, I had never really let that sink in. Then it finally clicked when I saw what your painting was really of and It showed me that God works in some weird ways but He is always behind everything that happens. Just behind the surface, ready to turn your life around just like the painting.

 So I thank YOU for letting me experience this. You are such an amazing artist. I am glad to now own a piece of your art. I am so grateful to have encountered you on my spiritual walk. You are an amazing man of God, and one of his greatest disciples. Thank you once more.”

 It’s times like these that I fall on my knees and thank God for using me in such and awesome and powerful way. It’s so fulfilling for me and I could not be happier. I think back to a few years ago when I was alone in my corporate office and depressed and I have to smile because God has delivered me from that pain, transformed my life completely and brought me to a place of overflowing joy. He answered my prayers and showed me what my purpose was. His calling on my life touches the deepest part of my heart and soul and brings a sense of peace and thanksgiving that I never imagined was possible in life. There’s nothing more rewarding than living out my passion for painting, serving the Lord while helping and encouraging his people.