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Painted Christ is a ministry that allows Lance to use his God-given talent and his love for Christ to touch people's lives. He has a passion for supporting people in need, youth ministry, and honoring our military and law enforcement personnel. He is available to perform at church services, youth camps, Vacation Bible School, D-Now, conventions, concerts, retreats, and more. 

 Church Speed Painting Events


He has performed in churches all over the United States, as well as Germany, the Ukraine, and Canada. His paintings can take place during a worship service, with a choir, or even during a sermon.

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 Youth Ministry Ideas

youth ministry

Lance Brown has brought his Christian speed paintings to youth ministries of all ages throughout the US, and even to some of the largest youth ministry events in Europe. In Norway, he ministered to thousands of youth with his compelling testimony and visual storytelling. 

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 Fundraising Ideas


Christian speed painting can draw quite a crowd. Lance’s show has generated large donations for all kinds of fundraisers including galas, non-profit organizations, Christian and Catholic schools, and ministry fundraising.

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 Military and Law Enforcement Events

honoring military and law enforcement

Lance has been honored to perform at military and law enforcement events including holiday and nonprofit fundraising efforts. He has paintings specifically suited for these types of events that pay tribute to these brave men and women. 

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