The Ministry


Painted Christ was created out of a prayer when Lance asked God to reveal His purpose and calling for his life. The answer he received took him on the journey that has led him to where he is today. He was called to use his artistic gifts to inspire, encourage, and motivate others. 

Lance wants others to experience a unique form of worship where God speaks to them personally in ways that are not otherwise possible. Lance continues to find incredible fulfillment in being a vessel that delivers God’s message.

 Tools of the Trade

Tools of the TradE

Clean Canvas

Virtues of Jesus


The Inspiration


Family has always been a driving force throughout Lance’s life. They have supported and encouraged him through every step, making this truly a family ministry. Each member has a role to play and they all contribute in a unique and powerful way. God’s design for the family support system, that Lance has been so blessed with, has made it possible for him to unleash a level of creativity that wouldn’t be possible any other way. The dynamics present in Lance’s family bring him a sense of comfort and peace, not to mention an immeasurable amount of joy that enables him to follow God’s direction. 

 Blessed with a Beautiful Family


 Live From Ukraine

Live From Ukraine

 Fielder Church

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